Category Equivalence Block

Category Equivalence Block

Where Is It?

The category equivalence block is located in the Categories drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The category equivalence block is used to indicate that all members of one category are also members of another category.

Technical Details

The category equivalence block is a statement, and can be stacked with other statements. It accepts two inputs, both of which must be categories. The effect of the category equivalence block is that all members of the first category are members of the second category.

In fact, a category equivalence block is a short-form of a rule with two object category blocks referring to the same variable and different categories.


Using a category equivalence block happens in one direction only. If you want to say something like "all tolkien books are great books, and all great books are tolkien books", you will need two category equivalence blocks.