Unnamed Variable Block

Unnamed Variable Block

Where Is It?

The unnamed variable block is located in the Variables drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The unnamed variable block is used when you need a variable, but you do not need to use the variable more than once in the same scope, and you don't care what object was bound to that variable.

For instance, you might have a rule that makes conclusions about an attribute called "has_a_sibling". In that rule, you might use an attribute called "sibling_of" to check to see if someone has a relationship to at least one sibling, but you don't care who the sibling is. In that case you might write a condition using the unnamed variable, which reads "(Person) is the sibling of (any)".

Technical Details

The unnamed variable block accepts no inputs, and has no fields.

It can be used anywhere an object or a value is expected.


It's a good idea to start with named variables, and switch to unnamed variables only when you are sure your rules are working as anticipated.

The Blawx reasoner will warn you if you have a rule in which a variable name is used only once. Those are places where the unnamed variable may be appropriate, or where you may have accidentally misspelled a variable name. If you start with too many unnamed variables, Blawx cannot warn you that you might have made a mistake.