Category Display Block

Category Display Block

Where Is It?

The category display block is located in the Categories drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The category display block is used to change how categories are described in new object blocks and in explanations.

Technical Details

The category display block is a custom block type that can only be placed immediately below a new category block. It applies only to the new category block it is immediately below.

The category display block accepts 2 inputs, the text that should appear the object name, and the text that should appear after the object name when referring to a member of that category.

For example, if you have a category named "person", the default new object block will read "(object name) is a person". However, using the category display block, you could change this text to read "we know (object name) is human". To do this "we know" would be placed in the first text field, and "is human" would be placed in the second text field.

The revised display for the category will be used in new object blocks, and in explanations.


It is possible to change the way that a category is displayed in such a way as to leave out the name of the category. In the example above, the word "person" is still the name of the category, but it no longer appears in the new object blocks or in the explanations. This can make things easier for people using your code, but it can also make your code harder to maintain, because it is more difficult to determine what category is being changed.