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Date Add Days Block

Date Add Days Block

Where Is It?

The Date Add Days block is located in the data statments drawer of the Blawx toolbox, in the Date sub-drawer.

What Does It Do?

The Date Add Days block is used to calculate a new datetime value by adding a number of days to an existing date or datetime value.

Technical Details

The Date Add Days block is a statement block that can be stacked with other statements.

It accepts three inputs: a number of days, and two date or datetime values.

The number of days can include partial days, using decimals such as 5.4.

If the first variable is bound to a number of days, and the second value is bound to a date or datetime, the third variable will be bound to the datetime obtained by adding that number of days to the datetime provided. If all three are bound, it will check whether the relationship holds.

To subtract a number of days from a date or datetime, use a negative value in the number of days.