Duration Value Block

Duration Value Block

Where Is It?

The Duration Value block is located in the data value drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The Duration Value block is used to provide a specific duration value.

Technical Details

The duration value block is a value block, and can be placed anywhere that is expecting a value of the duration type. This is typically in date statement blocks.

A duration is a combination of a sign, and three numbers representing the years, months, and days. If the sign is positive ("+"), the duration is "into the future." If the sign is negative ("-"), the duration is "into the past." The idea "two months hence" could be expressed using the values + 0 2 0. The idea "one year ago" could be expressed using the values - 1 0 0.


The use of durations including year and month values is not recommended, as they tend to behave in unpredictable ways, given that months and years are not of a consistent duration.