Calculation Block

Calculation Block

Where Is It?

The calculation block is located in the Number section of the Data Statements drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The calculation block is used to provide a mathematical calculation of a numerical value.

Technical Details

The calculation block is a statement block, and can be stacked with other statement blocks. It always evaluates to true.

The calculation block has two internal connectors. The first requires a variable to which the result of the calculation will be assigned. The second requires a block that returns a number, which might include either a number value, or a math operation.


Any time that you want to perform a mathematical operation, it needs to be surrounded by a calculation block.

Calculation blocks are similar to variable assignment blocks, except that the value assigned is always a number. If you want to assign a specific number value to a variable, and not the result of a calculation, you can use the variable assignment block instead. Also, if you want to assign the value of one variable that is bound to a number to another variable, you must use the variable assignment block, and not the calculation block.