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Duration Comparison Block

Duration Comparison Block

Where Is It?

The Duration Comparison block is located in the data statements drawer of the Blawx toolbox, in the date sub-drawer.

What Does It Do?

The Duration Comparison block is used to find out if one duration is larger, smaller, or the same size as another duration.

Technical Details

The Duration Comparison block is a statement block that can be stacked with other statements.

It accepts two inputs, both of which are expected to be durations, or variables, and has a dropdown field that indicates the type of comparison you want to do.

Durations are compared starting from the largest unit (years), and moving to the smallest (second).

A duration comparison block may fail, regardless of the comparitor selected, if it is not possible to determine which duration is longer. For example, it is not possible to determine whether 1 month is longer than 29 days because of the inconsistent number of days in months. The duration comparison will succeed, however, if it can be certain that the comparison holds, taking into account leap days for the first 100 years.

Duration signs are currently ignored.